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We know that having a place to workout in your own neighborhood is a very special treat. There’s really nothing else like it. It’s intimate, it’s motivating, it’s inspirational, it’s FUN, it’s your own little fitness sanctuary. It allows you to stay close to home, arrive easily on your way out or on your way in, it becomes a place where you reconnect with old friends and develop new friends in the process. At Evolve, we are all about integrating into the community and enhancing the health and wellness of the members we serve.

The Evovle Story

Kathy Skubik

Kathy Skubik - Owner

Kathy Skubik is committed to supporting the health and fitness of others.  Born to a strong willed, single mother and raised with an unconventional holistic lifestyle, Kathy learned early on that there was much more to wellness than traditional medicine and what was considered the norm for most of society in the 60’s & 70’s.  Her mother’s approach to nutrition, exercise, massage, and respect for planet earth shaped Kathy into the holistic health advocate she is today. 

During her college years, however, Kathy rebelled against that healthy lifestyle with drinking, smoking and drug use.  She spiraled into negativity and struggled with depression.  After college she took a job at a pizza restaurant where her diet went from bad to worse and she gained 60 pounds.  During that dark time in Kathy's life, her mom opened a state licensed massage school and urged her daughter to come work for her.  Kathy identifies this as the turning point that saved her life and lifted her from depression.     

One of the many benefits of working at the school was its positive influence.  Her teachers and students were health conscious and committed to personal development.  Weighing in at 185 lbs, Kathy joined a health club and began exercising for the first time in her life.  

Kathy found it very difficult to get motivated and had to force herself to go to the gym.  She finally attended an aerobics class realizing the dynamic of group fitness was just what she needed.  A great instructor and the energy of other participants motivated her to work hard and increase strength.  She even began looking forward to her favorite classes!  Over the next year she lost the 60 pounds she had gained and began to feel happy.  To this day, she seeks group fitness to facilitate her exercise pursuits.  

Kathy Skubik now owns the nationally accredited massage school, Irene’s Myomassology Institute, in Metro Detroit.  She is proud of her school’s success, as it has grown to more than 200 students graduating every year with careers as State Licensed Massage Therapists.

It seems that much of Kathy's life led her to Evolve Fusion Fitness in 2015. Her passion for natural health and fitness, environmental conservation, vegetarian diet and progressive mindset make California feel like home.  Together with her husband, they decided to begin a transition to the west coast beginning with winters in San Diego. When they discovered Evolve Fusion Fitness for sale it seemed meant to be. They love the community where Evolve is located, and look forward to spending time in Mission Hills. 

Kathy is committed to providing an excellent experience for the members and instructors of Evolve.  Using the lessons learned during her own wellness journey, clients will be happy to see the results of her insistence on only the best for her studio.  Keeping her eye on the horizon, Kathy intends to carry on where Heather Forbes left off.