Introductory Personal Training Package

3 Sessions $135
Save $135

New Personal Training Clients Only

At Evolve, your own fitness sanctuary, you work out on state-of-the-art equipment. A personal Trainer knows each and every piece of equipment and how to use it!
Personal Training
  • Motivation ~ When you exercise with a trainer you will always work harder than you would on your own.
  • Safety ~ Spending time one-on-one with a trainer will help you understand how your body moves. Our trainers address biomechanics and will help improve your movement, maximizing safety both in and outside of the studio.
  • Accountability ~ People that work out with a trainer tend to stick to their program. With the motivation a trainer provides, you will see the results you desire! It’s easy to get caught up with a hectic schedule and lose sight of our goals. A trainer will keep you focused and keep track of your objectives.
  • Specialized ~ A trainer will keep you on task and use your time efficiently. With their skills your workouts can be tailored for a specific goal such as a 5K, triathlon or high school reunion.
  • Versatility ~ A qualified trainer has an abundance of exercises for every muscle group. They stay current on new developments and trends in fitness. They keep your exercise regime interesting.
  • Confidence ~ A good trainer will explain how an exercise works, and will make sure you can do it alone. Then you will feel more confident working out on your own or amongst others.
  • Companionship ~ Exercising can be boring or a bit lonely. With a trainer, you always have someone to talk to while they encourage you to keep going. They are both a coach and cheering section! It’s great having a non-judgmental fitness partner.
  • No Additional Fees and Lots of Space ~ At Evolve you can meet with a trainer without paying a membership fee like you would at a big box gym. Plus, you will have plenty of space and equipment with no waiting.

One on One Personal Training Sessions

One-on-One Training - Just You and Your Trainer

1 session $90
Per Session
4 Sessions $320
Save $40
10 Sessions $700
Save $200
20 Sessions $1,300
Save $600


Duet Personal Training Sessions

Duet Training - Two Clients and a Trainer

1 Session $130
Per Session
4 Sessions $440
Save $80
10 Sessions $1,000
Save $300
20 Sessions $1,800
Save $800