• Participants MUST sign up in advance. ​Appointments are REQUIRED​. No drop-ins.

  • Our Small Group sizes will be limited to 8 participants​ and under. This will allow for ​MORE ​than 6 feet apart that is required for social distancing. We will start with a modified schedule and add more groups as we are able. Participants can add themselves to the wait-list if spots are full. We are offering indoor small group training AND outdoor classes on the schedule.

  • Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes BEFORE you are scheduled to allow time for screening and temperature checks before session begins. When you arrive, please stay outside and ​stand at the designated markers​ to maintain social distancing.

  • You will not be allowed to enter after scheduled start time​ to ensure the safety of everyone. Participants MUST be set up at their stations and ready to go at start time.

  • Before entering the studio, ​each participant will be asked to have their temperature taken and verbally acknowledge the posted COVID-19 Risk Assessment questions​. We have touchless thermometers to check temperatures on the way in. Results will be documented by an Evolve staff member for every class. If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or more, and/or if you answer “yes” to ANY of the risk assessment questions, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Members/clients must stay home if not feeling well and recover.

  • New door handle​ has been installed with Microban. 

  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is located at the entrance to the studio​, all staff and attendees must sanitize hands on the way in.

  • Please wear a mask when entering the studio​, ​and when moving around the studio​. You may remove your mask ONLY while at your designated station.You may keep it on at your station if you choose.

  • Instructors will wear masks when moving around the room. ​However, they ​are not required to wear masks within the instructor station area.

  • If possible, ​please bring a pair of GYM shoes that are not worn out in public​. If you have a pair of sneakers, wash them and keep for studio use only. You may change your shoes, before and after class, at your station.

  • Please keep personal belongings to minimum​. Any personal belongings should be kept at your station.

  • Each station will include a bike and Gravity Machine​. All stations will be marked on the floor and at no time can there be more than one person in a station at a time, unless you share a household. (Physical intervention will only happen in the event that use of equipment is deemed a safety concern. In this case, the instructor, while wearing gloves and a mask, will ask you to step a safe distance away so they can adjust/check equipment).

  • Training Format​s. No partner work, no circuit training, no sharing equipment during classes. Each participant will have their own equipment at their station.

  • No Hands on Assists. ​For the time being, instructors will not be offering hands on assistance and will only use visual and verbal cues. (Again, physical intervention will only happen in the event that use of equipment is deemed a safety concern. In this case, the instructor, while wearing gloves and a mask, will ask you to step a safe distance away so they can adjust/check equipment).

  • Music and mic will be kept on low levels​, since doors and windows will be open, in an effort not to disturb neighboring businesses and residents.

  • Water​. The water dispenser will NOT be available for use in the studio at this time in order to prevent cross-contamination. Please ​come prepared with your own water.​ Bottled water can be purchased at the front desk if needed.

  • Towels​. Cleaning towels will be provided as a courtesy to wipe down your equipment. ​Please bring your own towel for personal use​. Towels can also be purchased at the front desk.

  • Airflow​. The front door will be left open with floor and ceiling fans pulling fresh air in. The window in the cycle room will be open, and (most don't know this but there is a back door!) The back door will be open with floor and ceiling fans directing air out. This will create directional air-flow to mitigate the risk of airborne contaminants in the studio.

  • Air Purification​. There are two Dyson Air Purifiers with HEPA Filters in the studio. One in the middle of the large (Gravity) room and one near the smaller (Cycle) room to help clean and filter the air.

  • Cleaning Equipment. ​All participants will be asked to spray anything they’ve used or touched in their station with the ​supplied solution​ spray bottles. After session, please spray surfaces and ​DO NOT WIPE DRY​.​ Leave the used spray bottle in your station and we will collect to clean​. With everyone's help, we can decrease risk for our Evolve family.

  • Increased Cleaning. ​The Evolve staff are pitching in to make sure that the studio is disinfected for your safety, using higher grade cleaning products. All equipment and machines will be cleaned and sanitized by staff after ​EVERY ​class. (yes, even if already wiped down by members). This will include sanitizing bathroom surfaces and handles. Floors will be mopped in between classes and after sessions. In order to accomplish this, times will be spread out allowing 25 minutes in between each group. Please leave right after cleaning your station.

  • Reinforcing Hygiene Policies​. We are asking everyone, including instructors, to wash/sanitize hands before and after all  group training.

  • Enforcing Employee Sick Policies​. Staff are required to do a self temperature check before their shift. In the event an instructor is sick, and a sub cannot be found, we will cancel. You will be notified directly if it is a session you are scheduled to attend. You will not be charged for that session!

  • ALL sales are final, non-refundable, non-transferrable, and cannot be extended. No exceptions.

  • ONLY EXCEPTION, We are extending expiration dates for time the studio was forced to shut down. 

  • ​THANK YOU REVIEWING AND FOLLOWING THESE IMPORTANT GUIDELINES! We will be monitoring updates daily. All policies subject to change due to any new CDC guidelines that come in order. Together, we can help each other stay healthy, stay connected, and start rebuilding our community. ​Your health and safety are the most important thing, and the reason we are here in the first place! WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!

  • Please don't hesitate to email ​​ or call 619-991-9174 with any questions. In LOVE & HEALTH!


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